For market research agencies

Customer Insight Resources provides both consultancy and top-up resource to market research agencies.


As consultants, we will work with you to improve what you deliver to your clients.We have particular expertise in:

  • holistic analysis of multiple insight sources
  • insightful interpretation of data
  • communication of insights for maximum business impact
  • strategic client relationship management


We can also provide top-up resource for your team, providing expert help to deliver a particular project or activity which you would otherwise struggle to complete.  This avoids the difficulty and commitment of taking on extra headcount.  For example:

  • proposal writing
  • research project management
  • questionnaire design
  • sampling design
  • data analysis and interpretation
  • preparing reports and presentations

In terms of research project management specifically, examples of past work include:

  • Advertising impact evaluation
  • Brand and reputation monitoring
  • Employee engagement monitoring
  • Service performance measurement eg customer satisfaction and mystery shopping
  • Customer experience evaluation and improvement
  • Usage & attitude studies
  • Segmentations
  • Trade offs